Best Allergy Eye Drops for Fast Relief

The Best Allergy Eye Drops For You: How to Choose Effective and Efficient Eye Drops

eye allergy eye dropsHave you experienced red and watery eyes? Have you felt a burning, tearing, and swelling sensation in your eyes? Or, do your eyes get easily strained and tired when you are in front of the computer even just for a couple of minutes?

Itchy, red eyes can be so irritating for anyone especially if left untreated. If you felt this way, you may be looking for effective means to ease and relieve the feeling of sore and irritated eyes. So what can we do to treat all these irritating eye allergies? Aside from the use of a cold compress to relieve the allergy, other medications could also be used to treat your symptoms (if you choose not to remove the irritant).

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to alleviate your discomfort  and bring back your crystal clear eyes. There are allergy eye drops that address a specific eye allergy, be it redness, swelling, or irritation. This article presents three kinds of eye drops that are guaranteed effective and efficient to treat your eye allergies. So read on.
Use decongestant allergy eye drops to sooth the redness of the eyes. There is a selection of decongestant eye drops such as Visine that are helpful at relieving the redness. There is also an entire line of Visine products that are intended to particular kind of irritation of the eyes. These products, although proved to be effective and can really alleviate the redness, should never be used in more than three days. If you do so, it will only aggravate the condition and can lead to conjunctivitis medicamentosa, a condition where the redness worsens.

Use anti-inflammatory allergy eye drops to ease the swelling and irritation. Anti-inflammatory eye drops such as Acular ophthalmic drops however are only accessible with a doctor’s prescription. So before purchasing make sure that it is recommended by your doctor in order to avoid complications. Anti-inflammatory eye drops are specifically used for seasonal allergies. It is also mild to the skin although in some cases a slight burning sensation could be felt when used with wrong dosage and frequency. be careful in using anti-inflammatory drops though. When abused, it can cause an inflammation of the cornea of the eye.

Use antihistamines and mast cell stabilizer allergy eye drops to target the main cause of your allergy. This is because antihistamines and mast cell eye drops can stop the release of the chemical called histamine that is the main cause for almost all of the symptoms connected with seasonal allergies. Mast cell stabilizers like Alocril and Alamast are suggested to be used at the onset of allergy season prior to the development of the symptoms because this could prevent the worsening of the different signs related with allergy. Antihistamine eye drops have the benefit of lessening the symptoms quickly as long as it was applied repeatedly to have its full effect. Another new way to return your eyes to their normal function is to combine a mast cell stabilizer and an antihistamine combo such as olopatadine (Patanol ®), azelastine (Optivar®), epinastine (Elestat®) and ketotifen (Zaditor Eye Itch Relief ®).

So there you go. With a clean environment and proper hygiene, your red, itchy eyes should all be seeing clearly after the proper usage of these eye drops. For quick allergy relief of all your symptoms, check out these common allergy remedies.